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Peace talks with Taliban hit snags

ISLAMABAD: The peace talks between the government and Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has hit snags. The meeting between Government and Taliban, fixed for today, has been postponed, ARY News reported on Thursday. 

The Government committee has also sought some explanations from Taliban. 

The Government has written a letter to Taliban militants demanding immediate halt of the attacks during the process of dialogue. 

The Government talks committee, in a letter handed over to Taliban committee, has expressed concerns over continued attacks and demanded immediate suspension of the attacks. 

The Government letter said that if the attackers are other than Taliban than point out those elements.

A meeting of the talks committee held yesterday night, which was attended by the all four members of the Government committee. 

The meeting also discussed a written report presented by the Taliban committee. Later, the committee informed Taliban in written about the government's response.

Thursday's bomb attack on a police bus in the port city of Karachi was the third incident of terrorism in three days after two attacks in Peshawar at a cinema against peace militia volunteers. 

The Taliban denied responsibility for the two grenade attacks in Peshawar but the intelligence officials said that  only the Taliban have this capability. 
Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz came into power in generals election in May 2013. The PML-N government has pushed for peace talks to end the conflict raging across Pakistan for many years. 



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