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Pearl Harbor trends following US Women's World Cup win

On December 7th 1941, Japanese fighters and bombers destroyed the Pearl Harbor by launching a wave of attack on the US Navy, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of navy personnel.

However, the US soccer fans reminded the Japanese fans of the event by linking the final to the occasion. The US side thrashed Japan 5-2 to clinch their third Women’s World Cup title.

Some of the Twitter users were happy with the trend while critics opposed to the viewpoint of comparing the two events.

Jake wroted that its time that the United States ‘hits’ Japan first while Cletus stated that the American team will surprise attack Japan first.

B. Jones urged the Americans to keep scoring as Japan had kept dropping bombs.

Emiley Pitek said “that was for Pearl Harbor”

William Menendez said that the US team was dropping an atomic bomb of goals on the Asian side.

Amir Pasic posted a somewhat racist opinion on the match.

Gage posted the scoreline somewhat like this

However, not everyone was happy with the trend and criticized the users who started the topic of discussion

Natsuo Niimi stated that using the dead of wards is a disgrace

Ray Pakal shed light on the bi-lateral ties between the United States and Japan in his tweet

Jim Venston showed how the the football final and the Pearl Harbor cannot be compared.



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