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PEMRA members refer penalty awarded to Geo TV as a mere show-off

According to details, the time limit given for making an appeal against minor penalty awarded to Geo TV, has ended and the Government did not appeal the court for extending the punishment.

Private member of PEMRA, Mian Shams said that Geo TV was given a safe passage by suspending it for 15 days only and a fine of Rs 10 million, which was also not deposited by the media organization.

He also said that PEMRA has decided to teach a lesson to the cable operators for not acting upon the decision against ARY News.

Shams said that cable operators can possibly face the cancellation of their licenses and to pay fine.

Another member of the authority, Israr Abbasi said that the penalty awarded to Geo TV is against the law.

He told that the Government supported Geo TV, however expressed his hopes that the court will give a justified verdict on the issue.



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