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People deprived of electricity instead of load shedding, says Sharjeel

KARACHI: Information Minister of Sindh Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the federal government of Pakistan has rid the nation from electricity instead of load shedding, ARY News reports. 

Speaking to media outside Sindh Assembly, Sharjeel Memon said that the N-League government had promised to finish load-shedding within six months and fulfilled it with ridding the country from electricity.

He added that the State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali should clarify about the disconnection and restoration of power from the Supreme Court building in Islamabad within moments. 

Sindh Information Minister, while commenting on the Pervez Musharraf issue, said that the federal government is making a deal with the former military dictator. 

He also said that the War on Terror is being shifted to Sindh.

Sharjeel Memon, while further speaking, said that the crime rate in Karachi has declined due to the performance of the Police.



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