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Few people at great unease watching development here, says Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal has said that whenever a martial law was imposed in the country, education and health budget was used in different fields of defence. He added that some people are at great unease for watching progress in the country – ARY News reports.

Addressing the ceremony of All Pakistan Declamation Contest at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Tuesday, Ahsan Iqbal said that few elements are fanning negative thoughts in the society, in order to safeguard their own interests. He said that the wars in Fall of Dhaka in 1971 and Kargil War in 1999, intercepted the way of national development.

Ahsan said that the country is being tried to be brought up in the list of developed states, through adequate and effective planning. He told that the ones placing bets on the worth of dollar, do not have the moral courage to resign now.

The Minister for Planning and Development stated that the country needs to be defended economically, rather than through atom bombs and for this, efforts are required in the field of education.

Moreover, Ahsan Iqbal insured that in the next four years education budget will be at least 4 percent of the GDP.



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