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People with these JOBS are most likely to get divorced, study reveals

Picking the ‘right’ career may not always bring you success on all fronts –attractive salaries as well as emotional satisfaction with less stress is the actual combo that you want. But this doesn’t happen with all.

There are jobs, keep the perks and incentives aside, that could make you financially sound but might break you maritally.

According to the research published by the Business Insider, gaming managers, such as casino managers, have the highest divorce rates in the United States, at 52.9%. Unsurprisingly, bartenders aren’t far behind gaming managers when it comes to marital bust-up. Whether it’s the long hours or the liquor-infused atmosphere, bartenders have a 52.7% divorce rate.

Let’s take a look at few career choices which might lead a person towards the path of divorce.

Gaming manager

Gaming is fun but not for the managers who look after a casino or game rooms in hotels and resorts. According to the data collected, people in this profession has the highest rate of divorce at 52.9 per cent. Due to the demanding nature of their job in a celebratory environment (read casinos and resorts), people in this profession hardly get time to spend with their partners.



At 52. 7 percent, the rate of divorce of people in this profession is alarmingly high. Late night working hours and alcohol, which are two important components of a bartender’s job, are perfect ingredients for a disastrous relationship.

Moreover, bartenders need to be friendly and sometimes need to play an agony aunt to many drunk customers. Chances of getting emotionally involved with people gets higher when they have to keep interacting with them regularly.


Flight attendants

Life of a flight attendant seems no less glamorous than that of a model or a celebrity. They get to travel to places that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime, that too free of cost.

They can stay in the best hotels, meet interesting people and looking good is not a choice but a necessity! Despite all these perks, it is an occupation that has 50.5 per cent divorce rate.

One of the major reasons behind such high rate of divorce is their hectic travel schedule due to which a flight attendant is left with very little time to spend with his or her partner.



The high level of stress in a telemarketer’s professional life is counted as one of the major reasons behind the alarming rate of divorce (49.7 per cent) among professionals in this field.

Their day begins with attending to customers’ calls where people pour out their problems. They spend the rest of the day resolving client’s complaints. No wonder, the stress in their professional life leaves its impact on their personal life too.

Extruding and drawing machine setters

This career falls within the manufacturing industry. These workers fall into two categories that quickly lead to a marriage falling apart – low rates of income and lack of a college education. Individuals in this field often experience higher rates of unemployment. Financial difficulties is one of the top reasons individuals get divorced, which makes it is easy to see why this group has such a high divorce rate. 


Massage therapists

Massage therapy is a field that is highly dominated by women. A study conducted by Boston University found women who work are more likely to find themselves in divorce court than those that don’t.




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