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People make mistakes and so did I: Reham Khan on marriage

According to details, Reham had arrived in India yesterday to speak at the Conclave which was organised by the India Today Group. Addressing the august gathering, Reham said that she preferred to dress by keeping a white chadar (sheet of cloth) over her head since it was representative of the Pakhtun culture and the culture of Pakistan as well.

“I don’t dress up a certain way just because I married a man,” said the ex wife of former Pakistani cricketer and current chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf political party Imran Khan. Reham also spoke about how she mingled with the common people of Pakistan by eating the food that they ate and sitting on the floor with them. “When I sit with them on the floor and eat Makai ki Roti, then it is easier for me to talk to them and tell them how they can further improve their lifestyle,” she said. Reham Khan also spoke about her marriage and subsequent divorce to Imran Khan by saying:- “We all commit mistakes, and so did I. The world is changing, I did not marry each time for a certain status a man has. We might profess to be modern, but we still may not end up listening to the woman,” she said.

Though there was one thing that she was extremely proud of and that was her son from her first husband.
“One thing I’m really proud of is the way my son is raised, he’s a 22-year-old boy who gives me immense pride,” she said.

Reham also spoke of how her daughter showed her a clip of the upcoming Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt starrer Kapoor and Sons.
“Like India, in Pakistan as well we find Chandhary & Sons, when will there come a day, when we can boast of a Malik & daughters. These are the sublime messages our kids end up picking,” she said.

She shared an interesting revelation that people in Pakistan referred to her with the pseudonym Dabangg.
“I am a woman, I look like a woman, I behave like a woman. But people in Pakistan call me Dabangg like Sallu,” she said.



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