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Most people wake up doing these things, survey reveals

Humans are curious to know about their surrounding and unique things. In a recent survey – intending to discover what is the first thing most people do in the morning on waking up – it was found that most people reach out for their phones.

1) Checking text messages on phone

This eventually shows their preferences and top priorities. Checking messages on phone and latest updates in connection with social circle show that work and money are top on their mind.

They want to know of any important mails they may have missed last night or messages from the boss that could either make or break their day.

2) Pressing snooze button

The second thing which people do is to press snooze button. However, it may vary person to person depending on their profession.

It has been noted that people having higher job satisfaction usually resist an urge to press the snooze button.

3) Feeling anxious

The survey may not be true for all as exceptional cases are everywhere, however, it has been found that people having a bedtime routine, do not feel the need to snooze as they wake up fresh.

Sleeping curled up in the night may make people feel anxious and restless on waking up in the morning. Meantime, sleeping in a confident position helps people rise easily, survey further suggested.



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