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People want Imran Khan as PM Pakistan: Asad Umar

Speaking at PTI Youth convention in Sahiwal, Asad Umar criticized Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif by saying that millions of rupees are allocated for the security of PM while government has no money for the police securing the general populace of the country.

Earlier in Islamabad, the PTI leader told media that to break the hegemony of few families on Pakistani politics it was necessary to challenge the 2013 election results.

He said that government is taking undue advantage of the PTI’s decision to end the sit-in adding that the party  will again take to streets if voters did not get justice.

Umar maintained that the sit-in was postponed after the Army Public School attack in Peshawar.

About the Judicial Commission, the PTI’s economic guru remarked that the latest proposal in this regard was put forward by government itself but the rulers are not considering even that proposal.

Umar claimed that people want to see Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan for the development and well being of country.



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