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Pervez Musharraf suggests Imran Khan to avoid 'blurting'

Talking in ARY News’ program ‘Power Play’ hosted by Arshad Sharif, Pervez Mushrraf said Imran Khan should remain cautious while speaking out anything.

“Imran Khan should bring endurance in his personality”, said Musharraf adding that one should have deep understanding and thinking of an issue before discussing it.

Musharraf advised Imran Khan to take some tips from wise people to over the flaw.

However, he praised Imran Khan for mobilizing women and youth.

Replying to question, former President said he considers President of Pakistan Ayub Khan as the only Status-Man after Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

About Kahsmir Issue, Pervez Musharraf said the matter should be resolved with the mutual understanding of all three parties Pakistan, India and people of Kashmir.



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