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Peshawar: police fine PTI’s DJ Wali Son for traffic rules violation

According to details, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police issued a challan to PTI’s DJ Wali Son for non-compliance with traffic regulations. On being fined, DJ Wali Son complained to the police officers that he was a guest from Punjab and therefore, he deserved some justice.

In response, the traffic police officer told him curtly whether it be DJ Wali Son or Imran Khan, no one will escape penalty upon violation of rules and regulations.

DJ Wali Son has been awarded the audio contract to play music at PTI’s Peshawar rally. At first, the famous DJ Butt had claimed that he had been given the contract for the party’s Peshawar rally. However, he had then admitted that the contract had been pulled from him and given to DJ Wali Son.

Challan issued to PTI’s DJ in Peshawar by arynews
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PTI will stage a public gathering today in Peshawar as part of their campaign for PK-8 by-election on May 12, 2016. DJ Wali Son is expected to provide the evening’s entertainment with Pashto and Punjabi songs.




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