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Peshawar police hunt female 'extortionist'

Police confirmed that they had arrested Lubna on Friday night, who was involved in collecting extortion from traders in different areas of the provincial capital.

She was involved in the crime for last six months. Police were going after her following traders lodged complaint with law enforcers.


Lubna used to introduce herself as member of a banned terror outfit through telephone calls, stirring fear among traders and they would comply with her extortion demands.

The lady extortionist collected ‘protection money’ from Mashukhel, Badaber and Fakirabad areas.

Police said she did not belong to any terrorist organization; however she used to represent herself as terror outfit member to intimidate traders.

During investigation, she told the police that she had some issues with complainant Zahir Gul over a cheque.

” I gave him a buzz and had not collected any money from him”, Lubna claimed.



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