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Peshawar rats seem to be aged 8, says KP minister

Rats described as being up to 12 inches (30 centimetres) long are making life miserable in Peshawar, as five infants have so far died and many injured as a result of rodent bites.

On Friday, members of the KP Assembly protested over abundance of rats in Peshawar. Enough of hue and cry was seen in the house as members thumped their desks in protest.

Amid all ruckus, provincial minister Shah Farman apprised the members of rodents’ age saying that they seem to him nearly eight years old.

“Had the former government timely acted, the issue would not pop up,” he said.

Awami National Party (ANP) member Sardar Hussain Babak raised the issue of abundance of rats in Peshawar, questioning as to when the city will eventually be rid of rodents population.

The session of the assembly was adjourned for an indefinite period after the quorum could not be completed.




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