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Peshawar road rage case: Father and son remanded in custody

The court orders left the tender-aged-boy, suddenly burst into tears, who was brazenly brandishing an assault rifle and even opened fire on a busy road in Peshawar yesterday.

The father and son duo were presented before a local court handcuffed before they were given into judicial custody to police.

A relatively unusual incident occurred on Friday during daylight near a highly sensitive Cantonment area when Imran and his son took their arms out of their vehicle after a small argument with motorcyclists.

The two parties got into an argument – later turned into a brawl – over an overtaking dispute. During the scuffle, Imran’s son found a chance to open fire that surprisingly and luckily missed its target.

No one was injured in the incident but once the news started making headlines, the father and son were forced to surrender.

It is important to mention here that the two were using a government vehicle. According to ARY News, one of the main accused, Imran is a clerk who was terminated three months back due to unknown reasons.

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