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Peshawar varsity teachers term Imran’s visit ‘political interference’

Peshawar University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) executive body met after the visit of Imran Khan on Thursday. The meeting, chaired by PUTA chairman Prof. Dr. Jameel Ahmed Chitrali, labeled the chanting of political slogans by the students on the arrival of the PTI chief as a ‘conspiracy’ to spoil academic atmosphere of the university.

Voicing concerns over the visit, the teachers termed it a ‘violation’ of the University Act and ‘interference in varsity affairs’.

The PUTA called on the government to take notice of it and to close the doors of interference in varsity’s autonomy in future.

Prof. Chitrali said the PUTA is not intended to adopt ‘protest-for-protest’ attitude in this regard, rather it tried to show both sides of the picture to the people.

“Such activities should be organized at educational institutions after taking all the stake-holders into confidence, not just one man,” he said.

Moreover, the teachers’ body demanded leaders of political parties to refrain from ‘forcefully imposing their ideas or thoughts on students’.



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