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VIDEO: Photographer loses camera to seagull, finds it after five months and wins an award

OSLO: A sneaky seagull ‘stole’ a photographer camera and flew away giving rise to some ‘drone’ footage.

Norgewian photographer Kjell Robertsen wanted to get some shots of seagulls so he spread some bread on his porch. But, it seems like the bird was not only interested in the food, but the gadget too.

At a high speed of 27mph, it flew for about 0.3km across the picturesque coast and fields before dropping the camera and pecking at it.

After about five months, the camera was discovered again and the ‘seagull drone’ that has now mesmerised the world was found. The photographer also won the GoPro Award for it. Later, with the camera’s telemetry data, the stats and the flight were analysed.



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