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Three photographers risk life to take close shot of bear

For wildlife photographers, clicking ‘perfect’ shots requires risking everything and that could cost your life too. But three such photographers in Alaska captured a giant bear in a close-up so courageously without inviting rage of the beast.

They US photgraphers got up close and personal with a large 500lb Kodiak brown bear and her three cubs during a 10-day camping trip in Hallo Bay, Alaska.

The photos, captured by Rick Beldegreen from North Carolina, show the trio at one point a mere 10 feet from the large beast who is protecting her young.

Lucky for them, a nearby stream was packed with fat salmon giving the bears something other than human flesh. Kodiak brown bears are the largest of brown bears.

Males of this species can actually weigh up to two times what the mother bear weighed in the pictures.

Take a look at pictures below:
photographers bear shot alaska



photographers bear shot alaska



photographers bear shot alaska



bear shot Alaska



photographers bear shot alaska

Pictures via The Daily Mail



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