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US incident: PIA says it has Boeing 777s with general electric engine

KARACHI: In the wake of Boeing Co’s recommendation to suspend the use of 777 jets with Pratt & Whitney engines, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) said it has twelve Boeing-777 planes with general electric engines.

A PIA spokesperson said all the Boeing 777s the national airline has in its fleet have general electric engines that are considered highly safe. Around 1,000 general electric engines are being used the world over, he added.

Earlier, Boeing Co said it recommended suspending the use of 777 jets with the same type of engine that shed debris over Denver, Colorado at the weekend after U.S. regulators announced extra inspections and Japan suspended their use while considering further action.

Terrifying video: Aircraft engine catches fire mid-air

The moves involving Pratt & Whitney 4000 engines came after a United Airlines 777 landed safely at Denver International Airport on Saturday local time after its right engine failed, catching fire mid-air.

United said the next day it would voluntarily and temporarily remove its 24 active planes, hours before Boeing’s announcement.



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