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PIA engineers warn management against operating flights without due aircraft maintenance

“The PIA management is forcing the engineers to release the aircraft without accomplishment of the prerequisites which are mandatory as per ICAO and PCAA regulations. The safety of passengers and the aircraft itself is being jeopardised. Inspections and components’ replacement issues are being waived off by PCAA Pakistan under pressure by the government officials,” claimed the Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan.

A PIA engineer said this could lead to aviation issues and was also a serious crime. “We will take up the matter with ICAO and other regulatory bodies as it may seriously affect the aviation activities not only for PIA but for other local carriers in Pakistan,” he said.

The PIA engineer also pointed out towards an aircraft of the airline which flew without being properly checked for maintenance issues.

“Aircraft AP-BHX (PK741, ISB-JED) that took off from Islamabad last night was released under such circumstances. One passenger door — Emergency Slide / Raft — was due to be replaced ‘Time — Expired’ on Feb 6, which was not duly replaced and the aircraft was dispatched under un-airworthy conditions. All other aircraft were also dispatched under similar conditions. The due checks as per regulatory requirements were not carried out,” he said.

PIA employees and the federal government are at crossroads, after the former have protested severely against the latter’s move to privatise the national flag carrier.



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