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PIA flight collides with tunnel at Karachi airport, CAA orders probe

KARACHI: A disaster was averted at the last minute when a PIA flight collided with a tunnel during its landing at the Jinnah International Airport, ARY News reported.

The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority ordered a probe to be launched into the matter as an inspection was also carried out of the Boeing 777 aircraft.

According to details, Pakistan International Airlines’ Flight 782 almost crashed during its landing due to the pilot’s negligence. The flight was carrying passengers from Toronto.

During its landing, the pilot lost control of the plane which then collided with a tunnel. The collision also damaged the plane as well, due to which its door could not be opened. This caused inconvenience to the passengers, since they could not be off-boarded for one-and-a-half hour.

Since the air-conditioning system was down, the warmth and humidity inside the plane also became a source of discomfort for the passengers. Due to hapless administrative measures adopted by the authorities, the passengers were finally able to exit the plane after being much delayed.

The Civil Aviation Authority took notice of the incident and ordered an inquiry. Senior administrative officials called for the pilot and assistant pilot’s medical tests, which will be taken later. The incident caused delay in other flights’ schedule which prompted passengers to protest at the airport.



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