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PIA flight schedule disturbed, leaving passengers in quandary

More than 22 domestic and international flights have been delayed today. The grounding of the national airliner’s 777 planes are the reason for the delays, sources said.

PIA flight PK-8386 from Lahore to Islamabad was delayed by an hour whereas Islamabad to Jeddah flight PK-7683 was delayed by 1.30 hours.

Jeddah to Karachi flight PK-7684 was delayed by 45 minutes while Quetta to Islamabad flight PK-352 was delayed by two hours. Islamabad to Copenhagen flight PK-771 was also delayed by an hour.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight PK-296 faced a two hour delay while Lahore to Dammam flight PK-247, which was supposed to leave at midnight but departed at 6.15 am after facing more than a six hour delay.

Karachi to Quetta flight PK-352, which was to depart at 08.00 am, was also postponed by two hours while Lahore to Delhi flight PK-270 was delayed by three hours.

Dammam to Lahore flight PK-248, which was scheduled to depart at 09.00 am, was postponed by five hours while Quetta to Karachi PK-363 was pushed back by 3.5 hours.

PK-368 Karachi to Islamabad was postponed by 2.30 hours and Islamabad to Quetta PK-363 was delayed by four hours.



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