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PIA likely to ‘import’ officials for key posts

Chief Operating Officer (COO) PIA Bernd Hildenbrand is said to be desirous of appointing his countrymen in PIA.

Sources said more foreigners would be appointed on the key posts in PIA after a German COO. The foreigners would be appointed on the key posts of chief financial officer, director customer care, executive director marketing and executive director human resources.

There are reports of assigning a lady, Christina, director customer care. The sources said Christina also hailed from Germany.

Along nepotism, PIA management is also involved in violation of laws by appointing a foreigner chief operating officer for several months who does not possess required educational skills, in fact he does not has any educational degree at all.

According to the advertise PIA had published against the vacant post of COO, the candidate should have been masters in business administration and preferably aeronautical engineer.

While, there are no details of academic credentials of COO of PIA from Germany, Bernd Hildenbrand, in a CV submitted by him. His CV mentions short courses and apprenticeship only. He has completed a two-week General Management Program from British’s Cranfield University.



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