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PIA saved Rs2 billion after switching over to new IT system: spokesperson

KARACHI: The national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has saved up to Rs2 billion after switching over to new IT system for reservation, flight operation and accounting, ARY News reported on Monday.

The national airline had implemented a new IT system, HITIT Computer Services of a Turkish IT company, after obsoleting ‘Sabre’ acquired in 1997.

The HITIT system had been implemented in 2018 and the national carrier managed to save up to Rs2 billion through it.

The salient feature of the new IT system is the significant improvement in website functions making online booking swift and more convenient for the public.

The airline’s reservations, inventory control, ticketing and check-in procedures, flight operations, schedule, revenue management, accounting, and crew management will use HITIT’s ‘Crane’ Solutions.

At the time of its launching, the airline’s spokesperson had announced that the new IT solution will allow the airline to work more efficiently, as the new system is not only cost-effective but offers additional value which will hold the airline in business activity. The airline has requested users to be patient in case any inconvenience is caused during the system’s transition.



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