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PIA operations remain suspended as deadlock persists

The protest strike by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) entered into its third day. Despite the government invoking the Essential Services Maintenance Act, flight operations remained suspended. PIA Join Action Committee alleged that houses of protesting employees were being raided by the government.

Following the announcement that the government would privatize the national flag carrier, thousands of PIA employees took to the streets in protest against the decision. On Monday, several employees led a protest rally from PIA’s head office to the airport, where police and Rangers personnel baton charged them. Tear gas shells and water cannons were also used to disperse the protesters. 3 people died and a few more were injured in the incident.

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Due to the ongoing strike, several people faced hardships and were left stranded. Meanwhile, other private airlines started charging manifold for tickets, taking advantage of the national flag carrier’s grim circumstances. The protest is also costing the national exchequer losses in the billions. Till now, no settlement has been reached with the government and PIA employees.



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