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PIA Premier Service left littered by unruly passengers

Upon return from its inaugural flight to London, several passengers left the seats and floor of the plane littered, and stole lotions and toiletries from the washroom of the aircraft.

The new Airbus A330 aircraft have been leased from Sri Lanka and the Premier Service was inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the first flight took for London on 14th August. The heads of PIA and Sri Lankan Airlines were also present.

Spokesman Daniyal Gillani shared the pictures on Twitter to show the conditions which were left behind by unapologetic passengers, and warned from stealing items from the aircraft. He said that international airlines ban such passengers who are disruptive on flights.

He said that basic manners and etiquette cannot be taught by airlines. Several passengers also verified claims that the flights were strewn with litter, and suggested that passengers should learn basic travelling ethics.



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