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PIA refuses to pay bill for Modi’s refreshment

The caterer who had prepared special meals for the visiting Indian dignitary has sent the bill to PIA, which the latter refused to paying, saying it’s not the responsibility of the national carrier.

The bill amount costs Rs 210,000. PIA said the bill should be forwarded to the Foreign Affairs.

Modi broke with diplomatic protocol to pay a surprise visit to Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif on December 25.

Spurning official talks in the capital Islamabad, India’s leader chose instead to make an intimate trip to Sharif’s ancestral residence near Lahore Friday, where he was celebrating his birthday and the wedding of his granddaughter.

The Pakistani premier, along with his cabinet ministers, had received Modi on the tarmac where military officers lined up along a red carpet.

Both leaders wore their national dress and made their way to Sharif’s helicopter, which flew them to the Sharif’s residence in Lahore.



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