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PIA resumes operations in Bangladesh following controversy

PIA has five flights operating in Bangladesh who resumed their operations following talks by the foreign office.

Pakistan International Airlines had suspended all its operations in Bangladesh as a protest in response to a raid conducted by Bangladeshi authorities on the house of PIA’s country station manager, Ali Abbas. Upon questioning, it was reportedly learned that some members of PIA crew on a flight from Karachi to Dhaka were involved in smuggling of illegal currency. The matter did not sit well either with Pakistan’s flagship airline or the country itself. Ali Abbas, the station manager whose house was raided, returned to Pakistan on February 25 and PIA shut down its operations the same day in Bangladesh. The Foreign Office had expressed their disappointment over the incident and stated that they had sought clarification from the relevant authorities.

“Our High Commission in Dhaka has taken up the matter with the Bangladesh Foreign Office. We await their explanation and response. This indeed is an unfortunate development,” FO Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam had said during a media briefing.

After talks were held by the foreign ministry, the first flight following suspension soared for Bangladesh this very morning.



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