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PIA suspends overweight cabin crew

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines has suspended with immediate effect and grounded several overweight cabin crew and other employees in Islamabad.

The suspended crew members have been given thirty days to reduce their weight. However, the grounded crew will not be assigned any flying duty until they reduce weight as per the criteria.

The overweight cabin crew will also not be issued any international layover flights until they lose weight. The suspended cabin crew includes air hostesses and stewards. The excess weight varies from 45 pounds to over 89 pounds.

PIA has also issued instructions to all grooming in-charges in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar to ensure the details of weight checks conducted are sent to the headquarters on a daily basis.

The decision has been taken based on the restrictions of the medical board, and to extend lenience to motivate employees to reduce weight to a suitable level.



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