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Picture of Indian schoolgirls pulling bus out of mud is going viral

ASSAM, India: An inspiring picture of Indian school girls from Manipur state forming human chain to pull out a bus stuck in mud is going viral.

The picture came to light after a user on Twitter posted it with a description of the moment.

The image was posted by a Twitter user, Lawai BemBem, and captioned, “Manipuri girls went for a study tour to Loktak Lake. Bus gets stuck in mud. Girls pull bus up and break the internet.”

The girls were on a study trip to Loktak lake, fresh water lake in north-east India, when they found themselves in the middle of sudden crisis, according to reports.

Rather than waiting for someone to help them, the girls apparently decided to take charge of the situation.

They formed a human chain and, as incredible as it may sound, pulled the bus out of the mud. The image of the girls pulling the bus out of the mud, and coming to their own rescue has gone viral on social media.

Huge applause and praise are being showered on the girls.  While one user found the photograph fascinating, others hailed the girt and spirit of the girls.

Here’s the tweet that caught attention of the social media users.

This man questions: Where did the rope come from?

And here comes the reply




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