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Belgian racer pigeon New Kim up for sale at £1.2m, bidding continues

A pigeon in Europe’s Belgium has reportedly become the most expensive one in the world with people bidding to buy the bird pitches close to £1.2million already flying in.

New Kim is the name of racer pigeon that has driven people to go bonkers after him.

Details for the pigeon New Kim up for sale in the international market

Kim competes in short, middle and long-distance races and has angered bidders as their bids paled against those who offered over million Pounds sterling for the bird.

some feathers when online auctioning began at £180.

Two-year-old Belgian racer New Kim is already a shrewd and athletic competitor.

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Now, 300 offers later, the highest lies at £1,178,705- with nine days of bidding left to go.

In 2019 another Belgian pigeon, Armando was sold for £1.1million to a Chinese construction boss.



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