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Pipelines blasts disrupt gas supply in Punjab

RAHIMYAR KHAN: Blasts at three major gas pipelines in Rahimyar Khan disrupted gas supply to industries in several parts of Punjab, ARY News reported on Monday. 

Balochistan Republican Army (BRA), has claimed responsibility of the series of  the gas pipelines blasts. 

A woman died in the fire erupted in result of the explosions. 

Managing Director Sui Northern Gas Company has said that the repair of the damaged portions of pipelines some 30 kilometers from Rahimyar Khan will complete within 24 to 48 hours. 

Managing Director Sui Northern Gas Arif Hameed talking to ARY News said that the restoration of gas supply will take 36 to 48 hours. He said the company has suspended supply to industries in Punjab and CNG stations and industrial units in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

He said three pipelines of 36 inch, 18 and 16 inch diameter pipelines attacked in an act of sabotage. 

The gas pipelines blasts caused deep craters at spots of bomb attacks. 

Outlawed separatist group Baloch Republican Army has claimed responsibility of the attack. 

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