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Naz Baloch reacts to Imran Khan’s ‘useless’ comment

KARACHI: Former Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Naz Baloch on Tuesday said that she pities the women who are in PTI and thinks that she should have left the Imran-Khan led party a little earlier after watching Imran Khan’s reaction to her departure, ARY News reported.


Speaking exclusively to ARY News, Naz Baloch, who left PTI for PPP on Sunday, said that watching the viral video of Imran Khan commenting on her departure hurt her a lot and she thought she should have left the party a little earlier.

“If this is what they thought about workers like us who have worked tirelessly for them, if they can use such words for Naz Baloch today they can use it for others too, I pity the women who are in PTI,” said Naz Baloch.

She added that she never thought Imran Khan will use such words for her and still hopes the PTI chief will someday say that the language he used was not for her.

A video doing rounds on social media shows PTI member Abrar-ul-Haque informing the party chief Imran Khan about Naz Baloch’s decision to leave the party, upon which Imran Khan could be seen saying “Acha Hua Wo Chali Gaii, Wo Kisi Kaam Ki Nahii Thee” (It is good that she left, she was useless).

Answering a question, Naz Baloch said that her father was a founding member of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) but she joined PTI in 2011 due to Imran Khan’s vision (for Pakistan) and her father allowed her to choose her own path setting an example of belief in democratic principles but Imran Khan’s party has lost its path.

Just on on Sunday, Naz Baloch said that one of her reasons to leave the Imran Khan-led party was the apparent male chauvinism within party ranks in Karachi.

“Those who came from other parties within PTI are today asking who is Naz Baloch and that I was an ordinary worker. I like being called a worker but they have forgotten how to respect a worker. We have participated in the PTI sit-in for 150 days, do we need to tell these people, who we are?,” Naz Baloch told ARY News anchor Maria Memon.

Brushing aside the criticism of being an “opportunist”, she claimed that she was getting the election ticket from PTI on a silver platter as she was on of the few prominent faces in Karachi.

“But how can I contest elections when there is no party structure (in Karachi) and the workers are angry,” said Naz Baloch.

She further claimed that she has nothing against Imran Khan but the PTI she joined was the PTI of Imran Khan, where he used to take all decisions and his ideology wasn’t compromised.




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