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PK becomes first ever Bollywood flick to mint Rs 100 crore in China

The records keep on tumbling when it comes to Aamir Khan and his latest, most acclaimed film till date, PK. After receiving worldwide as well as national acclaim for starring as an alien stuck on planet Earth, Aamir Khan has conquered the Chinese market. Reportedly, PK has now become the first Bollywood movie to gross an impressive Rs 100 crore in China!

Described as a fantasy-comedy film by the Chinese media, PK has gauged the interest of Chinese movie buffs so much so that the film has been running across 1200 theaters in China since the past two weeks. The film will be up and running across theaters in China for the next two weeks as well and has so far made around 100 million Yuan or a little over $ 16 million.

“Indian science fiction comedy PK has scored 8.3 points on one of China’s biggest film reviewing websites Douban since its release in China on May 22. After emerging as the highest-grossing Indian movie ever with a box office of $101 million globally, it is standing high in the favour of the Chinese public,” Wang Xiaonan recently wrote for the state-run Global Times newspaper.

According to the movie’s promoters in China, it is rare for a non-Hollywood movie or non-Chinese movie to cross the 100 million Yuan-mark in China. Even Korean and Japanese movies struggle to make it though the box office here is being currently ruled by the Japanese animation movie “Stand by me Doraemon”.

What has enthralled audiences in China the most is the reaction of the humanoid, played by Aamir Khan, towards the strange, hypocritical customs adopted by society. The film featured Aamir Khan playing an alien who lands on planet Earth on a research mission. A few moments after he lands, the alien’s amulet is stolen from him (which also serves as his tracking device). Lost in a planet all on his own, Pk’s funny journey is full of lessons and laughter!



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