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Pk breaks records in China

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan broke records and dominate the Indian film industry with Pk. The movie became the highest Bollywood film to gross overseas and as well as within India. However, the film also broke another record as of late; it became the highest grossing film in China!

As Avengers:Age of Ultron fell from an impressive $156 million debut to collect $54 million, the Pk crew members had plenty to celebrate about, as the Bollywood flick surpassed Dhoom 3‘s $3.17 million gross and raked in $5 million on its first week in the country. PK‘s producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra said of the film, “I am confident that the film’s blend of entertainment, emotion and underlying social message will resonate with audiences in China and elsewhere in the world. I am also pleased that Pk will build on the success of 3 Idiots and expand the China market for Indian films in the future.”

Pk also broke the record of selling 1 million tickets in its 3 day weekend, in Chinese multiplexes. The move bodes extremely well for Indian films in China, as they apparently seem to have found an audience in the Chinese.

Pk is the story of a humanoid who ventures out to planet Earth in a bid to conduct research. His amulet (which is also a tracking device) gets stolen, which makes it impossible for him to contact his spaceship. Stuck on planet Earth, Pk now has to learn the various and diverse cultural norms and religious rituals of the Indians.  



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