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Plane makes emergency landing at Peshawar Airport

PESHAWAR: An aircraft of a private airline made an emergency landing on a rough surface near runway at the Peshawar Airport due to bad weather, however passengers remained safe, ARY News reported.

According to sources, the pilot demonstrated professionalism to safeguard lives of passengers and landed the jet safely. Air operations were briefly halted after the landing.

The flight (PK-613) was coming from Sharjah.

The plane was stopped en route to Peshawar and the air traffic control room had advised the pilot to make circles outside the airspace for a while due to poor weather conditions.

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The Civil Aviation Authority said the runway was skidding hence it was not suitable to allow landing of an aircraft.

Yesterday (April 22), a plane of Pakistan International Airline had also made an emergency landing at the Peshawar airport after the captain received information about a bomb on the flight which later turned out to be a hoax.

According to details, PK-350, a Peshawar-bound domestic flight, took off from Karachi on Monday when the captain received an inkling about the explosives in the cargo area of the plane.

The spokesperson of PIA said, before steering for an emergency landing, the flight’s captain apprised the control tower of the situation and then landed the plane at Peshawar airport.

The bomb disposal squad (BDS) searched the entire plane which was parked away from the runway, while the passengers were offloaded safely following its emergency landing, he added.



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