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PM calls for promoting environment of religious tolerance

Addressing members of Karachi’s Parsi community at a local hotel, the Prime Minister called for promoting an environment of religious tolerance in the country.
During the course of his speech, the prime minister quoted the famous Punjabi Sufi poet Bulleh Shah in saying the following: “Masjid Gira Saktay Ho Tau Gira Do, Mandir Gira Saktay Ho Tau Gira Do — Lekin Kisi Ka Dil Na Toro” (Translation: If a temple is demolished let it happen, if a mosque is razed let it happen, but don’t let someone’s heart to be broken”.
The prime minister also said that the Karachi operation would continue and carry on till its logical end, which was to eliminate crime and terrorism from the country’s largest city. He said Karachi was the business and commercial capital of the country and the return of normalcy and peace to it was a key part of his government’s domestic policy.
He also said that in the past when the city’s situation was bad, would-be investors would ask their counterparts in Karachi to instead meet in Dubai and now investors were readily coming to Karachi for such meetings.
He ended his speech by saying “Pakistan Zindabad, Parsi Community Zindabad”.




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