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PM denies receiving any Saudi ‘wish-list’

The PM, while responding to a question, denied getting any demand or wish-list from Saudi government during his visit on Thursday.

Talking to newsmen in London, he said the Yemen issue should be resolved as per spirit of the UN resolution.

He said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have harmonious position on the Yemen issue.

PM Sharif said the recent visit of the Chinese President brought unprecedented investment opportunities to Pakistan which will prosper our country in the long term.

Pakistan will reach new standards of development, he added. Mr. Sharif said inflation in Pakistan is currently the lowest in 13 years.

In a lighter mood, the PM threw sarcasm at media, saying citizens had not been informed of declining rates of electricity by the media.

The prime minister recalled that big several projects are in the pipeline related to infrastructural development and construction of Gwadar port.

He stressed that Pakistan is badly in need of economic revival.



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