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PM Imran Khan shares his thoughts on US Presidential election

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that Pakistan wanted the future leadership of the United States- to be elected after upcoming elections on November 03- to maintain a balance in ties between India and Pakistan, ARY NEWS reported.

He said this while responding to a query on the next United States (US) President during an interview with the German news website, Spiegel.

When asked as to who would be the next US president, the prime minister said that the Democrat candidate, Joe Biden, seems to be leading in the public surveys, however, Donald Trump is a non-traditional politician and could pull an unpredictable thing to win the election.

We hope that the US would adopt a balanced policy on Kashmir, he said adding that whosoever wins the US polls, should treat both the countries equally as there is already a conflict in the region that could flare up at any moment.

Imran Khan said that the United States was only giving importance to India due to its issues with China. “However, such US attitude is full of blunders,” he predicted saying that India is a threat to its neighbouring countries including China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

This is for the first time that such a racist government led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ruling in South Asia, he said while terming India as a fascist state, inspired by the Nazi ideology.

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He said that the ruling BJP in India has openly lauded Hitler and wanted to eliminate Muslims from India in a similar fashion as Nazis did with Jews.

Further speaking on the peace in Afghanistan, the prime minister said that there are no favourites for Pakistan in the neighbouring country as a ruler. “We only want Kabul administration to halt anti-Pakistan activity from their soil,” he said.

Imran Khan once again reiterated Pakistan’s long-standing stance on normalizing ties with Israel and said that it could not happen unless the Palestine issue is resolved.



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