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PM Imran-Trump meeting opens new era of development: Ghulam Sarwar

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Tuesday said Pak-US relations entered into a new phase that would help resolve the decade-old outstanding issue of Kashmir and would open new doors of prosperity for the country.

In a statement the minister said that incumbent government made history with every passing day and PM Khan proved as a loyal and sincere leader for the country, adding that he showed the sympathy towards masses.

He further said PM Imran-Trump meeting portrayed a soft image of Pakistan around the world, adding, the bilateral relations would help enhance trade and investment that would boost the ailing national economy.

Replying to a question regarding the decision of wrapping the passengers’ luggage, he said, “the suggestions were under discussion over the passengers’ demand for the safety and other security issues” adding that the decision had been withdrawn.

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Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Pakistani nation has rendered 70,000 sacrifices in war against terrorism as a high price of Afghan war but it failed to build firm confidence between Islamabad and Washington.

PM Khan, while addressing to the US Institute of Peace in Washington, reiterated, “I have always adopted the stance that Afghan issue could be resolved through dialogues. I’ve also asked everyone in the United States that there is no military solution to the issue.”

“US nationals were not aware of the history of Afghanistan,” he added.

The premier said, “At this moment, Pakistan and US ties are on its best level and both countries have a similar stance on the Afghan issue. It happens for the first time that the Pakistani government, US administration and security institutions are on the same page. We could have found a solution with consensus although it is not an easy task.”



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