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PM inaugurates Chashma-4 Nuclear Power Plant in Mianwali

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday said that energy projects of more than 10,000 MW have helped overcome load-shedding and the government would be able to end it by November this year.

“The government is committed to achieve the goal of adding 8,800 megawatt of nuclear energy to the national grid by 2030,” he said while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Chashma-4 nuclear power plant having capacity of 340MW in Mianwali.

The prime minister said overcoming the energy crisis and an end to load-shedding remained top priority of the government.

He said the nuclear power plants in the country have contributed immensely in provision of cheap electricity.

Referring to Pakistan-China collaboration and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, Khaqan Abbasi said the fruits of our endeavors have started reaching people with a network of roads being spread across the country and the development of Gwadar and Thar Coal.

He said Pakistan had put in place a reliable nuclear power project and all those projects were fully complied with the safety precautions of the International Atomic Energy Agency. All future nuclear power plants were also being constructed under the same guidelines, he added.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said three nuclear power projects were already operational and providing less expensive electricity.

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“It is a matter of satisfaction that K-2 and K-3 power plants in Karachi are being completed at a fast pace, and would provide less expensive and clean energy,” he said.

He said Pakistan was proud to indigenously operate the plants under the Karachi Nuclear Power Project for four decades without any foreign assistance.

The Prime Minister lauded the contributions of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in power generation, health and agriculture.

He said the PML-N government has initiated large projects with China under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and its benefits are having a trickledown effect. Progress is visible on projects of roads, Thar coal and Gwadar, while GDP has risen to over five per cent and hoped it would be six percent next year.

The government, he said, is desirous of greater participation of the private sector in the CPEC projects. Chinese government has also showed its keen interest in injecting more funds in various projects.



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