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PM inaugurates Sorab-Hoshab Road on CPEC’s western route, grills opposition

TURBAT: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday inaugurated a 448-kilometre-long Sorab-Hoshab Road (N-85) on Wednesday, an important part of the western route of the Corridor of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Sorab-Hoshab Road would link Gwadar Port with the National Highway with the shortest link from the port to Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries. It was built at an estimated cost of Rs 22,028 million approximately.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the premier said the dream of Balochistan’s prosperity was being realised with the completion of several development projects because a developed Balochistan Pakistan was important for a new Pakistan.

“A new and developed Balochistan means a new Pakistan, with an unprecedented progress, never took place in history,” the Prime Minister said during his address.

He said the journey of progress and development in the country was continuing on full pace and only in Balochistan, a staggering sum was being spent on development projects for the betterment of the Baloch people.

“With the completion of every new road in Balochistan comes another ray of hope for a promising future for the people of the province,” he said, adding that a strong communication network would pave way for building of schools, universities and hospitals in the province.

“Travelling from Quetta to Gwadar, now with the help of this road, would just take few hours,” the prime minister said.

Criticising the opposition parties, Prime Minister Sharif said that those who want to malign others could never see a developing nation.

“During the last three years in power, we have laid the foundation of a strong Pakistan.” he added and said, “Pervious governments failed to grab a previous opportunity to put Pakistan on the path of success.”

He said, “People can now decide for themselves as to who is serving the country and who is just inciting hate and playing with people’s emotions.”

The premier also asked the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to start Boeing Service from Karachi to Turbat.



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