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PM invites Opposition to visit ongoing development projects, not create hurdles

LAHORE: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that Pakistan to become Asian Tiger in next few years through the ongoing countrywide development schemes by spreading a connectivity of nationwide towns and cities [in terms of road network] with China and Central Asia, ARY News reported.

He expressed these sentiments on his arrival in Nankana Sahib to review the progress on Lahore-Abdul Hakeem M-3 motorway project.

Addressing a ceremony, the premier said that country is witnessing unprecedented development phase in which networks of roads are being spread, infrastructure is being developed by enumerating development schemes initiated in his tenure.

He said terrorism in Balochistan, Karachi and other parts of the country have been controlled to a great extent.

Sharif invited his opposition critics to see the ongoing projects stressing that the development phase must not stop in the country by creating hurdles for government to pursue these schemes.

“We are connecting Gwadar to China and Central Asia, the economic activities will be boosted in the country upon completion of these schemes”, he said while forecasting the country one of emerging economies of the region in near future.

Sharif said that mega infrastructure projects including motorways, expressways and highways are being executed in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan which will make Pakistan not only boost economic activities and trade by curtailing distances but also help country to become the Asian Tiger.

He pointed out that central Asian states are land locked, and the connectivity projects will help these countries to access Gwadar port which he sees benefiting both for Pakistan and the Central Asian countries.

“A genuine change is taking place in the country besides road infrastructure project, the government has launched several power projects which will add cheap electricity to the national grid”, he added.

Sharif vowed to complete the ongoing development projects by stating that the government will continue its development schemes in order to ensure brighter future for the youth of the country.

The Prime Minister was briefed that the motorway project will be completed by March next year.

M-3 section of the motorway will connect with M-4 at Abdul Hakeem and provide an alternate and direct route from Lahore to Multan. The project will be completed at a cost of over 148 billion rupees.

As per revised schedule, the project will become operational by March next year instead of initial completion schedule of August next year.



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