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PM Khan hails power sector’s performance during holy month of Ramazan

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweets felicitations to Omar Ayub Khan for generating a profit upwards of Rs.81 billion in the power and energy, ARY News reported.

Taking to social media website Twitter, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan expressed his joy over the energy and power sector’s performance during the holy month of Ramazan.

The PM tweeted: “ I congratulate Omar Ayub and his whole team. Rs 81 billion increase in collection in 8 months. Rs 58 billion from theft control. 80 percent of the country free from load shedding. Zero load shedding at sehr and iftar. Keep up the good work. This is Naya Pakistan.”

Khan congratulated Federal Minister for Power Omar Ayub for generating profits worth Rs.81 billion in the past 8 month which were made possible through curbing electricity theft.

Khan claimed in the tweet that 80% of the country was free from the menace of load shedding in a scorching month of Ramazan especially during the times of Sehar and Iftar.

In another tweet the Prime Minister mentioned recoveries worth Rs.128 billion expected due to anti-theft measures being undertaken by the ministry of power.

The tweet said: “Another Rs 120 bn to be recovered next year; flow of circular debt already reduced from Rs 38 bn per month to Rs 26 bn and to be zero by next December. Rs 100 bn Additional will be recovered from old receivables.”

Khan also underlined the decrease in impending circular debt on the country which saw a considerable fall from Rs.38 billion to Rs.26 billion which he claimed would fall to zero by next year, December.

He also pointed out a recovery of Rs.100 billion that is expected to reach fruition soon after pending payments owed by state institutes to the power sector are received.

Adding to the series of tweets a third tweet on the topic read: “Dependence on imported fuels to be brought down from 41 percent to 30 percent in 5 years and less than 20 percent in 10 years using hydel, renewables and local fuels like Thar coal.”

The Prime Minister charted out the future direction he wants the energy and power sector to take which includes and increased reliance on hydel and renewable energy resources for power generation which will bring  fuel generated electricity production down in-turn cutting costs.

He also mentioned the Thar coal power project which has a capacity to generate 660 Mega Watts of electricity, adding to the national grid.





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