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PM Khan to apprise nation of govt’s 100-day progress tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will present the 100-day progress report of his government before the nation on Thursday (tomorrow).

Few days earlier, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry informed about the PM Khan’s decision to public the progress on 100-day agenda of the government on November 29.

Yesterday, the prime minister convened an important meeting pertaining to the government’s preparations for the ceremony to unveil 100-day performance of the new administration.

According to details, the session deliberated on the government’s projects to be included in 100-day performance report.

The meeting further scrutinized the margin of accomplishing set targets, individual progress reports of ministries and other related divisions, implementation of cabinet decisions, austerity measures and public welfare projects announced by federal ministries.

PM Imran Khan had also received a 100-day performance report of different ministries, outlining ‘feats and failures’ of the ministers in 100 days of governance.

According to the report, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed and Minister of State for Communications Murad Saeed appeared to be having a tough contest in terms of edging past one another.

The report says that both the ministers completed their 100-day tasks in time. The ministry headed by Sheikh Rasheed registered an income of more than Rs 2 billion, while Murad Saeed’s ministry saw an addition of Rs 3 billion to the revenue in first 100 days in office.

Moreover, the PTI-led government launched a website for a public to know progress about the PTI’s 100-day agenda.




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