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PM Nawaz damaging state institutions to hide his corruption: PTI chief

Addressing media representatives outside his residence in Bani Gala, Imran Khan said the government devastated the credibility of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

He said both the institutions did not send a single reference to the government seeking a reply regarding the Panamagate Scandal and for allegedly owning offshore accounts named in the Panama Papers.

Khan said he was surprised to know not only the prime minister himself, everyone in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government was making false claims about Sharif’s innocence just to save him.

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PTI Chairman said that the performance of Election Commission was also unpromising for not taking action against anyone so far, although the institution was answerable to the parliament.

He argued the institution must work, as it was the Election Commission of Pakistan and not as the Election Commission of Nawaz.

Chairman PTI reiterated that he would not let anyone to interrupt the Panamagate Scandal probe at any cost despite the fact the federal government could not agree to opposition party’s Terms of References (ToRs).

Dismissing reservations that his party would fail to ensure a huge turnout at a rally in Lahore on September 3, Khan said those who want to witness the power of people in Pakistan, should come and be a part of PTI’s rally.

The PTI chairman pledged to come out with ‘full force’ and challenged PML-N and all those who were trying to create doubts over his party’s street agitation.



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