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PM Nawaz declares statements from Indian leadership ‘irresponsible’

Addressing Envoys Conferences in Islamabad this afternoon, Prime Minister Nawaz Sahrif said this should be taken as a loud and clear message. He emphatically declared that Pakistan will protect its vital interests at all costs.

PM Nawaz said entire Pakistani nation was dismayed over recent irresponsible and imprudent statements from the Indian political leadership.

“These vitiate atmosphere would take us further away from our goal of regional peace and stability”, he added.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan will protect its interest but at the sametime we will not abandon our high moral grounds in the face of provocations.

We will not abandon the quest for peaceful neighbourhood but there should be reciprocity and acknowledgement of the overtures Pakistan has made to promote the dialogue process. Nawaz Sharif said the issue of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be relegated to the backburner of history.

He pointed out that only on last Tuesday during his meeting with the UN Secretary General in Dushanbe, he urged him to play a proactive role in promoting peace in the region.

The Prime Minister said he also reminded him that it was incumbent on the UN Security Council to ensure early implementation of its resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.



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