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PM Nawaz opens Multan-Khanewal Motorway

PM Nawaz Sharif, addressing the inauguration ceremony here in Khanewal, said that the nation will hold those elements accountable who tried to stop the country’s path of development.

The Prime Minister regretted that the process of development was halted after 1999 and the country was plunged into many problems including load shedding and terrorism. He said the government has also taken the problem of terrorism head on and expressed the resolve to eliminate it.

“Where the country would have been today if military dictators were still ruling the state”, he asked.

He said the development of motorway projects will ensure fast track development of the country. It would also ensure safe and fast journey for commuters. He said motorway and road infrastructure is also now being developed in Balochistan.

He said state of the art airport will be built in Gwadar besides the development of the deep sea port there.

The Prime Minister said besides motorways and metro bus projects, the government has also launched several projects to overcome the energy crisis. He vowed to end the power outages in the next two and a half years.

Nawaz Sharif said it is utmost effort of the government to provide cheap electricity to the consumers.

He added that the government wants to end darkness from the country and lead it to the road of prosperity and progress.



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