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Sharif vows to avenge ‘every drop of blood shed by terrorists’

“I understand that at this moment the entire nation is grieving the loss of innocent lives in Lahore tragedy and what message these terrorists want to convey by hitting soft targets,” the premier said in his address with the nation on Monday night.

“We are aware of that why these remaining miscreants are now attacking public places like parks, schools, universities etc.”

“I am here to pledge that we will avenge every drop of blood shed by terrorists in the country,” he asserted, adding that we will not have a sigh of relief until the last drop of martyrs’ blood has not been avenged.

PM Sharif said that his government resolved to rid country of terrorism in June 2013 and set off with complete political will for the first time. He recalled when the terrorists declined to demonstrate flexibility, his government launched operation Zarb-e-Azb to deal with militants in their own language.

We have achieved major objectives in operation Zarb-e-Azb, he said, but the mission will continue until complete eradication of terrorism scourge.

Noting that our religion preaches that killing a man unjustly is tantamount to killing of whole of humanity, he said the government so far demonstrated patience so that the sentiments of innocent people might not be hurt, but those causing unrest will be brought to justice for certain.

Government’s leniency should not be mistaken for its weakness, he clarified.

“We have narrowed our soil for miscreants and will not allow the militants to regain foothold,” he said, while referring terrorism as a global issue quoting examples of recent incidents in Turkey and Europe.

These cowardly attacks by terrorists can’t shake our resolve, nor can they prevent us from heading forth, the premier said. We have pledged to replace extremism with modesty.

“All the institutions have been given clear directives not to spare terrorists, their abetters and facilitators, whatsoever they be disguised as,” he told.

In the end, PM Sharif prayed for victims and bereaved families of Gulshan Iqbal Park incident and said that the Punjab government has been directed to ensure all possible assistance to the wounded people.



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