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Imran threatens to demonstrate ‘historic’ street power against govt

Speaking in the ARY News programme ‘Live with Dr. Shahid Masood’, Khan said he didn’t feel pity for Asif Ali Zardari, but for PM Nawaz Sharif.

The PTI head also threatened to demonstrate  ‘historic’ street power if government didn’t agree to his party demands.

He also predicted that a party which took sides with the government at this juncture would lose its power and authority.

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PM targeting SKMH to cover up his own… by arynews

He claimed that all parties were now in the opposition and insisted that terms of reference for judicial commission for probing Panama Papers should be framed in consultation with opposition leaders.

PM Sharif last week pledged to resign if a probe related to the Panama Papers tax scandal found his family had committed any wrongdoing.


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Sharif has lost moral basis to stay as premier… by arynews

Three of Sharif’s children were named in a vast leak of documents from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca this month that has revealed how the wealthy hide their money.

The premier has announced a probe into the revelations contained in the Panama Papers, which claim his children owned London property through an offshore company.

“If the allegations levelled against me and my family members are proved, I will resign without any delay,” he said.

“I hereby announce (I will) write to the chief justice, asking him to lead the judicial commission, which will investigate revelations made in the Panama Papers.”



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