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PM orders constitution of Border Management Division to compile all-encompassing data

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has convened on Monday a session to further empower the border management system of Pakistan noting that while there are about 10 relevant ministries, there isn’t any focal institution on the federal level to deal with border-related matters, ARY news reported.

The high-level huddle was attended by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on national security Moeed Yusuf, federal interior minister Ijaz Shah, and the military top brass, while other cabinet members were also part of the talks today.

The briefing said that there are overall 10 federal or provincial ministries to oversee matters related to the border, however, it was underlined that a central federal department dedicated to border matters is not there.

There needs to be a department to document and record all the briefings and details coming in from all land, sea and air routes, the huddle concurred.

In the session today, the briefing noted recent developments in border management systems installed at different border crossings and also on the progress on border fencing.

With the curb on illegal penetration routes and on smuggling the national economy has benefitted in terms of billions of rupees, said the briefing today.

Keeping in view the matters and discussion, the prime minister has sanctioned a border management division in the ministry of interior under the authority of additional secretary, while has directed all relevant offices to share information and data in the matter.

The government believes in free but secure borders, the prime minister noted, adding that having secured borders steps to ensure trade be taken.

He instructed the huddle to take all necessary steps to encourage Pak-Afghan trade.



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